Oak Framed Garden Buildings

Oak-Framed Garden Buildings

Just like an oak framed extension, an oak framed garden building comes in many different forms to enhance your outside or inside lifestyle; Wonderful summer houses for entertaining family and friends. Relaxing all year round pool houses or beautiful oak barn rooms.
Depending on local planning office stipulations, we help create an effective space which will enhance any family’s lifestyle. Please visit our FAQ section for more details on how to build your preferred extension.
We are a trusted company with a unique approach to building dream homes. A fantastic finished product is our goal, one that we will be as proud of as much as you are. This is why we only take on a maximum of 24 projects a year, so your dream isn’t just another project on a long list.

Oak Framed Conservatories

An oak framed conservatory is also a lovely way to enjoy the summer. We can design one to suit your own particular space which will complement both your garden and your home. Oak will also give the conservatory a natural look, and will create a nice, strong frame for your conservatory.

Stuck for inspiration? Visit our gallery or please call us on 01932 590111 and let us make your dream oak extension a reality.


Our Projects

The selection of projects shown here demonstrate the different ways in which oak-framing can create space, warmth and light. Every oak-frame you see has been expertly project-managed from start-to-finish to the client’s exact specifications. The result is a pain-free transformation into a beautiful and invigorating living space.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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"We were very impressed with the high standard of work, communication and conscientious attitude of all the people involved with our oak framed extension built by Living Oak. We would not hesitate to recommend the company"

Gill Chanter

Walton On Thames

"Our oak framed extension looks just as fabulous as the first day we completed and changes with the seasons – so cosy in winter with the woodburner glowing to airy and light in summer with both sets of doors open and a constant flow from the garden…it is becoming a place of very many happy memories, thank you."

Lorna Curry

Thames Ditton

"I have been delighted to work with Living Oak. From the outset their design advice was excellent and they really helped us think through what we wanted to achieve with our budget. The oak frame itself is quite magnificent, providing a stunning family living space on the back of our home. I would highly recommend Living Oak!"

Alyson Pellowe


The Living Oak Approach
The way we work is very much a conversation between you and us. We listen, earn trust and foster friendships. We are mindful that creating an addition to your home is a journey and a life experience. It is therefore essential that we understand the way you live, think and what you enjoy. This is the key to great design.   We like to think all our houses, extensions or garden buildings are distinctly different and are the result of this dialogue which starts with an email or phone call and carries on through documents, discussions and drawings until we are all happy the project is right for you.   At the outset we are very mindful of your budget and will have an early upfront conversation about this. We appreciate that this is probably one of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever make. During the design process we bring together a network of people to make the building a reality. We have well-established relationships with expert tradesmen who all play an essential part in the delivery process.
If you are looking to make significant changes to your home, build a new home or a new garden building you will most likely require planning permission from your local council.   Our service can include taking care of all areas of the design and planning of your project, including the pre-application process, preparation and submission of the planning application, building regulations and structural calculations. Alternatively, if you have plans and planning permission already in place, we are happy to work with your architect or builder to bring your project to completion. We can prepare complete design proposals for properties in areas which include - conservation areas, green belt and areas of outstanding natural beauty. Over the years, we have established a close working relationship with local authority planning departments to ensure well managed and successful projects from the start.
From the outset we can give you a Guide Budget Figure so you know where you are. However, we strongly recommend that you have full and detailed drawings and a specification completed by us or your architect. You may consider this an unnecessary cost and feel capable of working with us or your builder directly to save cost, as is often the case with clients working to a limited budget. The truth is spending that extra on a detailed specification can become the best money you spend as it cuts out the anomalies and hones the numbers, minimising mistakes and wastage.   Once we know precisely what your requirements are we will give you a Fixed Price for the work, with no hidden extras. You need to know how much it will cost and what you are getting, with no nasty surprises. Detailed drawings and a full specification of works enable us to tell you exactly what the costs are.
We offer various levels of support and involvement depending on your particular needs. Subject to your location we are able to offer a ‘turn key’ service, dealing with every aspect of the build from initial design to completion of the build. Our core turn key areas include Surrey, North West Kent, East & West Sussex and East Hampshire, please do contact us for further details if you are just outside these areas. We are able to provide oak frame and glazing on a nationwide basis, working with your appointed builder.
The Process
The process breaks down into the following key stages:

  • Initial Conversations and Meeting
  • Design proposal provided with a Guide Budget Figure
  • Designs agreed & planning submitted
  • Detailed drawings and Fixed Price provided
  • Construction
What are the benefits of your style of projects over a conventional build?
We have been conditioned to expect uniform, sterile building types, but we all instinctively love the warmth, tactility and homeliness oak framed houses & extensions can offer. Modern oak framed houses combine beautiful, tactile wood with large amounts of glass to create a stunning light-filled space, conducive to how we live today. An oak frame will stir your emotions and give you a feeling that no other style of building will offer. All our oak framed buildings are built to your exact specifications. Your space can have a barn feel or a smoother more contemporary finish. We can also incorporate an oak framed element into a traditional block and brick build to achieve the look you desire. Our frames are built in the workshop, meaning that there is no disruption onsite until the frame is ready to go up. This normally takes 2 to 5 days subject to the size of the frame.
How much maintenance does the oak require?
When your frame is erected onsite there will be various marks and discoloration that can be removed by sandblasting. Sandblasting will give an even colour, texture and raises the grain. Once sandblasted your frame does not need any maintenance whatsoever. Externally you may have dry oak cover boards which will turn a silvery grey with time. To avoid this, they can be rubbed down and retreated every few years with Osmo UV Protection, but this is not required to protect the timber.
As the oak is green does it change in appearance as it dries out?
One of the beautiful things about green oak is that as part of the drying process the oak will split, bend and shrink. Do not be alarmed as this natural process just adds to the character of the timber.
What services does Living Oak offer?
Due to our Surrey based location we are able to offer the following:  

    • Initial design - Nationwide
    • Oak frame design - Nationwide
    • Oak frame supply - Nationwide
    • Full service design and build - extension - Surrey, North West Kent, East & West Sussex and East Hampshire, please do contact us for further details if you are just outside these areas
    • Oak frame and glazing - Nationwide
    Can you help with the glazing?
    Yes. We offer the external glazing systems design, which avoids the issues often associated with glazing to an oak frame. We would strongly recommend that if you are ordering an oak frame, that you only do so with a company that can also supply the glazing. This ensures that the frame will be built to a standard to accommodate the face applied glazing system.
    How long will it take to design and build an extension?
    This really depends on the size, budget, complexity and planning constraints, but as a general guideline the design stage should take 1 to 2 months. The architect will then submit the planning application that, once submitted, normally takes about 2 months to be approved. Once approval has been obtained, more detailed drawings are prepared for building regulation consent. This stage could take a further month so you should be able to start your build within 5 to 6 months of your initial visit from us. If, however, your project doesn’t require planning permission and can be done under permitted development there is the potential for this time frame to be halved. With regards to the actual build time this again depends on the size, budget and complexity. A two-story rear extension with attached oak frame and fitted kitchen would take about 6 months. Your oak frame can take between 8-14 weeks to be delivered to site, from signing our contract, subject to our works programme at the time. Installation will take anything from 1-5 days subject to the size of the frame.
    What safeguards do I have?
    Throughout the course of a project there will be several visits by a representative from Building Control. Building Control is part of the council and has the role of checking that all work meets national construction standards.   For new build houses there are various warranty providers, which we have worked with who will provide a 10 year warranty.
    Why should I choose to work with Living Oak?
    We are very passionate about what we do because we know what a difference delivering a stunning looking oak framed building can make to our clients’ lives. Our buildings stir people’s emotions and create a warm homely feeling that positively affects one’s day-to-day wellbeing. That may sound a bit ‘woo woo’ but trust us, all our clients express this same feeling.   Because we deliver projects from initial design to finished build, as well as frame only, we have a really good idea of how to make the finished project look stunning. It’s not just about the oak frame but also about the surrounding materials and lighting which complement the oak frame.  We believe that too much oak can reduce the ‘wow’ factor of a frame and therefore often suggest a minimal frame, well designed and surrounded with other suitable materials, which gives a stunning finished space that has its own unique style. We are proud of this ethos which sets us apart from the rest of the oak framed market.
    Is there enough oak to go round - so that we will always be able to see beautiful oak trees in the middle of a field?
    This country has a huge supply of oak and the increased use of it over the past 15 years has encouraged the development of commercial woodland. Most of the oak we use comes from France where there are huge oak forests. The rate at which the oak forests are growing currently exceeds the rate at which it is cut.
    How much does an oak framed home or extensions cost?
    This is very variable; depending on what you would like to achieve but as a rough guide a new build oak framed house will cost anything between £1,200 - £2,000 per sqm of internal floor area. Typically the lower price is if you are carrying out a self-build. The price varies so much because it depends on many factors like site access, ground conditions, how much vaulted double aspect space you have, your choice of kitchen and many more other questions. Some companies will quote you figures below £1,000 per sqm, just to attract you in but then as your build progresses your budget will invariably increase and will end up more in line with the figures stated above. An extension will typically cost upwards of £2,000 per sqm. On a full turnkey project managed basis and will include first fix electrics and plumbing. The above figures exclude VAT (for UK customers) although new build houses are exempt of VAT.
    If the oak splits and bends does it cause problems with draughts and leaks?
    No, not when the correct way of glazing and cladding the oak is adhered to. This is why it is really important to use builders who have extensive experience of working with oak.
    Why is the oak referred to as ‘green’ oak?
    It is called green because when it is newly cut the oak is still green and in the process of drying out. Newly cut oak is much easier to work with than seasoned oak, which becomes incredibly hard as it dries out over time. But this is where its’ strength lies.
    Do you get involved with projects without lots of oak frame?
    Yes. Subject to your location and our build programme we are happy to be involved with any construction project, as long as there is an element of oak frame.
    Is it more difficult to obtain planning permission for an oak-framed house?
    In our experience Planning Authorities and Building Control like what we produce which can do nothing but ease the process.
    Does Living Oak do all the design work or can we use our own architect?
    If you wish to use your own architect that is not a problem. Around half of our projects are working with our clients’ architects.
    Can you offer a package with SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels)?
    Yes. We are big fans of SIPs as they are not only eco-friendly but offer superior insulation, air tightness and a fast and efficient way to encapsulate your oak frame meaning you can have a weather tight structure within a couple of weeks of the frame arriving onsite. This can therefore knock months off the typical build schedule.
    When can I talk to you about my ideas?
    We would recommend talking to us at the very beginning of the design process. We would of course like to be building your oak framed house when the time comes but if we are able to assist your architect in the early stages then this is likely to save you time, hassle and money in the long run.
    What if the costs go over my budget?
    We will regularly monitor costs and advise you of the financial implications of any changes you make to your design. This is done concurrently with the progress of the works thus avoiding any unpleasant shocks at the final account stage.

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