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If you already know us, this new website gives you the opportunity to find out more about us – our design ethos and recent projects. Our News page will be regularly updated with stories, insights and lots more, so watch this space!

If you are new to Living Oak, this is your chance to have a look around, find out a bit more about us as a company, how we work, the type of projects we work on and what our clients think about us.

So you want to know why we are different?

We are often asked by you, our clients ‘What is different about Living Oak’ as there are so many oak framing companies out there? There are a number of points –

Our Approach – Over the years our approach with oak framing has become increasingly popular… ‘less is more’ when it comes to the amount of oak frame used. We believe that minimal amounts of oak frame should be incorporated within a building, just forming the principle structure. Too much oak in a building results in the wow factor of the oak being lost and the timber becomes overbearing.

We believe that, built with the right proportion of oak framing, we can create homes with dramatic spatial quality. The results are spaces that delight, inspire and stir your emotions as you walk into them.

Often people are conditioned to expect uniform, sterile building types but it just does not need to be that way. Our vision is to put more fun and informality back into buildings and avoid the stereotypical boxes that a lot of houses builders seem to provide.

What We Can Offer – We can offer turnkey project management, which means we deliver every element of the build, as well as providing the oak frame only. We have a really good idea of how to make the finished space look great, After all it’s not just about the oak frame, but about balancing the relationship between the frame and everything else.

In the design process, we put strong emphasis on natural colouring, texture and shadow. This, combined with the use of natural daylight and intelligent lighting schemes, leave you with a stunning space with an instant ‘lived in’ feel, conducive to how we like to live today. Clients often compliment us on the look and feel of the projects on our website.

If we are delivering a project for you on a turnkey basis, then you will be working with our construction team and not just a builder who has worked with oak frame.

Bespoke – All our projects are bespoke, which means that your project is not just another ‘job number in the factory’.

We are a small and personal company with a very different approach. A fantastic finished project is our goal, this is why we restrict our projects to a maximum of 24 projects per year.

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