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Living Oak has rebranded and is now known as Nàdar Oak. Find out more here.
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“How our customers feel is as important as what we make”

Bringing the outdoors, inside.

We create outstanding homes which stir your emotions from the first time you enter. By combining oak frame and traditional building techniques, our homes balance dramatic spacial quality with comfortable living, providing you with a connection to nature: inspiring and delighting. We strongly believe that buildings shape the way people interact with each other and we want you to benefit from that in the same way our clients do.

Our spaces invite you in and encourage you to explore, as much as you would when you are walking in the woods…beyond the first trees at the side of the path are the shadows and spaces around and the trees beyond which beckon you in to explore the forest.

At Nadar Oak, we take pride in being a small ’boutique’ company which achieves great things. We specialise in the design and construction of bespoke, oak-framed luxury extensions, homes and garden buildings. Designs can be traditional, modern, or a blend of the two. We can also design and supply the oak frame only – ideal for self-builds.

Being a small business with family values at the heart allows us to devote more attention to you as a client and helps us deliver the highest quality of oak workmanship, just for you.

Our Projects
The selection of projects shown here demonstrate the different ways in which oak-framing can create space, warmth and light. Every oak-frame you see has been expertly project-managed from start-to-finish to the client’s exact specifications. The result is a pain-free transformation into a beautiful and invigorating living space.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"We were very impressed with the high standard of work, communication and conscientious attitude of all the people involved with our oak framed extension built by Living Oak. We would not hesitate to recommend the company"

Gill Chanter

Walton On Thames

"Our oak framed extension looks just as fabulous as the first day we completed and changes with the seasons – so cosy in winter with the woodburner glowing to airy and light in summer with both sets of doors open and a constant flow from the garden…it is becoming a place of very many happy memories, thank you."

Lorna Curry

Thames Ditton

"I have been delighted to work with Nadar Oak. From the outset their design advice was excellent and they really helped us think through what we wanted to achieve with our budget. The oak frame itself is quite magnificent, providing a stunning family living space on the back of our home. I would highly recommend Nadar Oak!"

Alyson Pellowe


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Not all timber is equal and it is important to get the right material for your project.
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If you like what you’ve read about us and would like to talk to us further about your oak-framed project please call:

01932 590111

…or fill out our enquiry form.

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