Oak off cuts

Wherever possible we like to see our offcuts and waste materials go to good use. We have a lovely sculpture from Brighton who collects pieces, a couple of local schools which use pieces for art and a number of people who take sawdust for smoking food.

Recently I had a call from the head of art at Danes Hill School who I had regularly supplied off cuts. ‘Stuart’ she said, ‘we need some big pieces’ she said with slight apprehension in her voice. I asked how big and she said ‘5ft tall to form the stem of plants as the years 7’s have made these lovely clay flower heads’. It just so happen that we had some large pieces that were the remains of large curved braces that we cut from a large slab of oak following the grain. These were perfect as they were varying in size and shape and looked very natural. As you can see the finished pieces look stunning and really brighten up this corner of the school grounds.


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